Marked Nutrition website launches for GNC

Thursday, July 18, 2013

The ZAP Solutions development team is very excited to announce the launch of Marked Nutrition, a new line of fitness supplements from GNC. The ZAP team worked with Mullen advertising agency to build this microsite. Mulle's creative and marketing teams handed off their website designs to the ZAP developers, trusting their many years of collaboration and their consistent delivery of high-quality, on-time, and cleanly coded websites.

The Marked Nutrition site introduces the world to Mark Wahlberg's line of supplements that are engineered to help you get the most out of your workout routine by building mass, getting ripped, and maintaining tone. The product line includes whey protein powders, rotein shakes, protein bars, nutrition packs, mass gainers, and a pre-workout supplemenst - everything you need before, after, and in between workouts! Downloadable workout and nutrition plans make it easy to integrate the Marked linke of products into your daily routine.

The Marked Nutrition website features a robust scrolling product gallery. Photos of the product line reveal product details when hovered over, and a lightbox appears on click with even more details, social media integration, and buying information. The News page has many dynamic features. A live Facebook feed features a ticker of the most recent posts and keeps a running tally of how many people "like" the page. The live Twitter feed employs similar features with a live feed and follower count. And, of course, the main feature of the News page is the News! Having an easily editable news section allows site administrators to post tv and radio interviews in which Mark Wahlberg mentions his recommendation of the Marked line of products. 

Having enjoyed a mutually beneficial relationship with Mullen for several years, the team at ZAP Solutions looks forward to working on more GNC website projects in the future!