COMPackage Site Launch

Thursday, July 18, 2013

ZAP Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of COMPackage’s redesigned website. ZAP Solutions has been working with COMPackage on the back end of their system for more than 10 years, so we were more than happy to step in and assist with the redesign of their front end website.

COMPackage provides software that generates total compensation reports; these reports from COMPackage allow employers to share the true value of salaries and benefits with their employees. Too often, employees focus on the bottom line in salary negotiations while overlooking valuable ancillary benefits like insurance, meals, company vehicles, and vacation time. COMPackage takes these benefits and reports their monetary value with the easy-to-use software. This open exchange of information ensures that employees and employers can always feel comfortable discussing compensation, thereby fostering a healthy office culture.

ZAP Solutions was able to re-vamp COMPackage’s outdated website with new and exciting features. COMPackage's team provided the site design while ZAP Solutions took over responsibility of coding and technical direction. For potential customers, the homepage is the first opportunity to pique their interest in COMPackage’s services. With this in mind, a scrolling stream of enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied customers is featured on the homepage. This unique dynamic content is both eye-catching and inspires confidence in COMPackage’s brand identity. In addition to implementing the site’s redesign, ZAP’s development team also handled updating the look of COMPackage’s blog. The new blog is seamlessly integrated into the COMPackage website, with a live feed of recently published stories on the homepage.

COMPackage has been a longstanding client of ours for more than a decade, and we look forward to collaborating on projects for years to come!