Class-G: A New Venture for a Longstanding Client

Monday, July 22, 2013

The custom development team at ZAP Solutions is pleased to announce the launch of Class-G's website! Class-G is a new venture led by Joe Blattner. The ZAP team has had many years of experience in working on the website of Mr. Blattner's other company, COMPackage. With so much history between the two, it was a no-brainer for Mr. Blattner to tap ZAP Solution's development team to help build his new online business from scratch.

Class-G is a certification system that measures, communicate, and rewards businesses with a commitment to sustainability. Using the custom-built system, a company first measures their level of sustainable operations by completing a survey about their office specifications and energy use habits. Then, Class-G awards a sustainability score to the business. The company then receives a plaque that can be displayed on premises. Class-G also encourages continuous improvement to business' sustainability goals through a "Wish List" feature. Class-G certification is in use for such companies as Bayer, Burns-Scalo Real Estate, and Duquesne University.

ZAP Solutions worked with Class-G on the technical direction and development of both the front and back end of their website. The "front-end" encompasses Class-G's public, informational website. The front end site features drop-down menus, a "recent activity" ticker, and anchor links for easy navigation of text-heavy pages. The back end of the website encompasses all of the services that Class-G provides customers. Starting with the registry and survey, to managing multiple certified properties, and all the way through to payment and renewal, ZAP's development team has the entire process covered.

As always, the ZAP Solutions custom development team was very happy to work with Mr. Blattner to deliver a robust final product. ZAP looks forward to continuing the relationship with Class-G as the new company grows and becomes even more successful.